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Who we are

ALTA GAMMA REAL ESTATE is a real estate agency that provides traditional consulting, appraisal and brokerage services in the buying and selling of residential or commercial units. We try to differentiate ourselves by the way we interact with clients: we have seen over the years that they have almost all become friends and as such followed even after the purchase and sale. Our strengths are seriousness, transparency and professionalism. Over time, we have created a network that is useful to the client: we collaborate with architects, notaries, interior designers, banks, carpenters, plumbers, and gallery owners who can make home buying not only easy but also enjoyable.

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Clients journey

For every client, our objective is to listen and to clearly understand what they are looking for and then to propose the properties which we feel are suitable to their needs in a professional and transparent way.

We have a portfolio of a wide range of exclusive properties in the best areas of Venice; varying in value from an apartment to an entire palazzo. We aim to fulfill the wishes of every kind of customer. In order to best fulfill those wishes, overtime, we have cultivated a network of professionals available to the customer: architects, solicitors, interior designers, banks, carpenters, plumbers and notaries who can make the purchase of a home or a business not only simple but also a pleasant process.

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