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Dec 1, 2023

Venice insolite...

Today we present a masterpiece of Venetian mechanics and architecture that has been marking time in St. Mark's Square for more than four centuries: The Clock Tower.

The famous clock is, after Big Ben's, the second best known in the world not only for its undisputed aesthetic appeal, but also for its location. Legend has it that the Republic had the designer of the internal mechanism gouged out his eyes so that he could never again repeat such marvels for rival powers. At that time it was one of the three clocks with mechanical movements that existed in the world, the most advanced and the most technologically advanced with movements not only of the dial, but also at the height of the Madonna and in the movements of the Moors ringing the bell. The large dial shows the phases of the moon, with only half of the moon being gilded to indicate the exact time of the moon phase in the sky, all the constellations of the zodiac, the depictions of which are huge zodiac signs covered in gold leaf that glitter when the sun shines on them, and the hour display divided into 24 parts. Not everyone knows that, in those days, the 24 hours started from the rising and setting of the sun, so a watchman, called the adjuster, corrected, as the seasons passed, the beginning and end of the day.

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