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Isola privata - Laguna di Venezia

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Laguna Veneta, Città Metropolitana di Venezia, Italia


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Property description

A splendid private island, located in the tranquil and charming northern lagoon of Venice, a rare and precious gem. With its privileged position, it offers breathtaking views and an atmosphere of absolute serenity, away from the tourist hustle but close to the cultural wonders of Venice.

The property, surrounded by nature and rich in charm, is the ideal place to create a luxury retreat. The island offers endless development possibilities, allowing you to create a personalized and unparalleled corner of paradise.

Key Features:

Absolute Exclusivity: One of the very few private islands available in the northern lagoon of Venice.
Panoramic Views: Enjoy spectacular sunsets and breathtaking sunrises against the backdrop of the serene lagoon waters.
History and Culture: Immersed in an area rich in Venetian history and cultural heritage.
Development Opportunities: Space for custom projects that reflect your vision of luxury and comfort.
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